Offer for five 10 months scholarships for doctoral studies

Emma-3 (2012) will select 5 candidates for a 10 months scholarship for doctoral studies at one of its EU partner university. This will be a so called “exchange” mobility, as the doctoral degree will have to be given by the home (Asian) university to which the candidate is already enrolled or will be enrolled before begin of the mobility. This later university can be Emma partner (TG1 candidate) or any university of the Asian country of an Emma partner (TG2 candidates). Here some cases that could apply to you and you should apply

  1. you are enrolled in PhD/Doctoral studies at some university (partner or not), possibly close to defend you thesis, and your supervisor supports your wish to spend 10 months in some Emma partner laboratory where you or your supervisor can set up a research program in relation with the topic of your thesis. This will have to be explained in the recommendation letter of your supervisor.
  2. You are not already enrolled but contacted a possible supervisor at (home) university where you can and will enroll before you come to EU. This future supervisor writes a letter that you will upload among your recommendation letters. This letter clearly explains what your potential (home) supervisor expects, ideally mentioning contacts with some potential host supervisor in some  partner laboratory.

In any case, when arriving at EU host you will have to be enrolled as doctoral student at some Asian university that will have signed your Learning Agreement stating that your Emma-mobility will be recognized as part of your doctoral studies.

Application are open from 23 January 22, 2014 until 9 March 2014, 12:00 am UTC at


Mobility will have to be ended by 14 July 2015 and will thus have to begin by September 2013 to get the full support, and in any case to begin by end December 2014.